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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Review

Feel like sailing away for adventure? Want to own your own five-star resort? What about owning a house on land as well as a houseboat? Well you can have all of that in the new game by EA Games and Maxis "The Sims 3 Island Paradise".

My favorite part of The Sims 3 series is the open-world feature, this is made even better with the new open-sea feature. Not only can you walk down the street on land, you can sail from island to island with your houseboat or sailboat etc. Not all the fun happens above the water, you can even make your way under the sea to find sunken treasure and much more.

Now on the under the sea feature, you can't just go dive under water as soon as you start the game. Just like real life you must learn the skills to scuba, you can build up that skill by snorkeling in the sea. Once you build up those skills, you must find one of the fantastic dive spots which are marked on the map by a dive icon.

Another great part of this game is the new feature which allows you to own more then one house. This is one of the best out of the new features. Right now since I moved my Sim into the new town, I own three houseboats and two houses on land. Here they are.

You can even get pizza while you float in the middle of the sea, see?
Even the news paper comes when you are out at sea.
Don't forget the University mascot!
Now what about staying at a resort while you are on land? Bringing back parts of 'The Sims Vacation' and mixing with new pieces, the Resort feature of the game not only lets you stay away for a few nights, it lets you buy your own resort or turn a land that you already own into a resort. You can build rooms as well as add automatic Resort buildings and items. Build a swimming pool for your guests and treat them to a pool side bar. You want to make your guests as happy as you can, so they will help you build your way up to a five-star rating.
One of the features that is still a mystery to me is the hidden island feature. If you look on the town map you will see cloud covered areas that when you roll the mouse over them. It gives you a hint that you will be able to unlock them. Since I have not unlocked this total feature yet, I will be breaking my review up into two parts. In the next part of this review, I will talk about the hidden islands. I think I am going to cover other features from the series over all which I haven't talked about before in the next part of this review series.


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