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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Sims 3: Showtime Katy Perry Collector's Edition Review.

The Sims 3: Showtime Katy Perry Collector's Edition Review.

Watching the start video of the game, which hasn't changed since the first Sims 3 game. Now the game is loading, which only took less then a minute to do. I am noticing that along with this new pack, there is a new town to live in. The name of the town is "Starlight Shores", by what I see it is a Sims style Hollywood town. To get a full look at the new features of this game, I am going to move my new Sim into that town. The town is now loading, this only took about a minute to load which isn't bad for a open land game.

"Starlight Shores" looks like a nice town to live in, I am going to make a new Sim to move in. I have been a fan of the Create A Sim feature on The Sims 3 games, it is very easy to use. There are 4 new hair styles from the Showtime pack, now on to the clothing. I am going with the new blue jacket and black t-shirt from Showtime as my everyday shirt, there are a bunch of new shirts from this pack. Now I add the blue jeans for everyday pants, on to Formal. I am going with the blue/gray sports coat and vest with a t-shirt and shark tooth hanging around my Sims neck, as well as dress pants. There are a lot of great choices for clothing in this game.

I'm now setting all the info about my Sim, even how his voice sounds. Now that I am done making my new Sim, I'm on to moving into a new home. It starts me off with $16,500 in Sims cash to move into a new place, so I got to find a small house for a good deal. For $9,665 I am buying a small unfurnished 1 bedroom/1 bathroom house almost on the edge of town. This will give me a good place to start off. My new house comes with a bathroom and a kitchen ready, so I only need to buy a small bed so my Sim get can some sleep at night. In buy mode, I go and check out all the beds for sale. For $105 I buy a small basic bed, since I have to start out small. This is part of what I like most about the Sims games, you can learn about money and house buying in a way.

I am going to need to teach my Sim a few skills, so I am buying a bookcase. I put a small chair and light next to the bookcase, so my Sim can read. Back in the bedroom, I put a small table and clock next to the bed. This will make sure my Sim wakes up on time. There is a wonderful selection of items to buy, which I will get after my Sim gets a new job. I will give you a view of some of the stuff, you can get in buy mode. There are new TVs and radios, including a classic jukebox and one from the future. Also there are new video games to buy as well, which are classic Arcade table games. One of the many other things on this game is a Super Skee Ball game, which I will be getting as soon as my Sim's funds are up.

Time to get my Sim a job. They're waiting for the newspaper since they don't have a computer yet. You can also use the map to find job locations and click on one of them to get a job. The paper is now here, so it's time to search. I'm choosing the new "Music" job, which I will start as a Fan in. My job starts tomorrow in Sims time. Having a day before my job starts, I am going to check out the new town. I look at the map and notice that there is a new spot on the map, called "Port-A-Party Warehouse" (good job EA on that play on words). There are a lot of things to do at this place, including Pool, Skee Ball, and eat food.

So playing this game, I am very happy with the details. The best part of The Sims 3 series is the open world towns, where you can walk around. It makes it feel a little more "real world", I like being able to go from building to building around town. Now the speed of this game is great while playing, you would think this much detail would take forever to load. Most people say Sims is only a game, which yes it is a game but there are some things you can learn from it. Like I talked about before, you can learn about earning and spending money. You can also learn about house and job searching and well as getting to places on time, which is why I got a clock for my Sim.

Many people also say that Sims is only about one theme of things you can do, that is not true. Yeah you can make choices on this game that are part of the "T" rating, but you can also have fun just by learning music and playing it around town like by the local hangouts on this game. There really is something for everyone. Your Sim can learn how to write a book, how to cook and/or how to paint. This really is a fantastic game series, which I have been a fan of since the first Sims game. The other thing you must remember while playing the "non-cheat" way is to make sure to keep your Sim's mood up. You need to make sure they eat, shower and do everything they need.

Now to speed up things a little for my review, I used a few cheat codes. I now have a huge house, with pretty much everything that came with the Showtime pack. You should play the game without cheating, the reason I did it now was to cover all the new features. Now one of my favorite items next to the skee ball is the new TV. It reaches from the floor to the ceiling and is huge side to side. I am now trying to build the skills of my Sim to help get to level two of the Music career.

Well, my Sim just went to their first day of work in the Music career. I did what it said about learning the guitar, I even learned one skill level more then what it said to. My first day of work is over, and I am now in Music career level two also known as a Roadie. Now the career mode is where you just send your Sim to work, to be able to do things while they work you must choose a profession. There is a new profession and it is related to the Music career, it is a Singer profession.

As much as I would like to just keep typing while I play and tell you every single thing, I have to finish this review. Would I say go out and buy this game if you haven't already? Well my answer is...... 100% YES!! The Sims series is AWESOME, there are so many ways your game could go. You will never feel like you are playing the same game over and over again, everyday is a new day.

So go to http://store.origin.com/store/ea/en_US/pd/productID.243652900/sac.true and buy the new game The Sims 3: Showtime Katy Perry Collector's Edition from EA Games.

For more info go to www.thesims3.com

I will post updates as I play more of Showtime.

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