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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Interview with Bryan Q. Miller writer of the upcoming comic book season 11 of "Smallville"

I had the great chance to do an interview with the writer of the upcoming "Smallville" comic book series season 11. This series will pick up six months after Clark stopped Darkside! Check out the whole interview below, the picture of the cover. Don't forget to check out the series when it hits the digital world of DC Comics on April 12th! It will in print on May 16th!
Picture copyright: DC Comics.

Hello Mr. Miller!
Hello Mr. Jeremy!

Jeremy: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview! As many, I can't wait to see the new Smallville comic book series!
Bryan: Neither can I ;-)

Question 1: When you started as an unpaid intern on the set of "Smallville" durning Season Five, did you ever think you would have written full episodes for the show and then become the head writer of the comic book series based on the show?

Answer 1: Not in the very least. They were a wonderful group of people who were very fond of teaching, apprenticeship and promoting from within.  I was only there to learn, and wound up starting a career.

Question 2: What can you tell us about the upcoming series? Will we see more Justice League storyline?

Answer 2: You'll see members we've seen throughout the series every now and again across the length of the season. Though there might be some call to arms, all Justice hands on deck action toward the end of the season, Smallville Season 11 is primarily about Clark's first year as Superman.

Question 3: What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Answer 3: Keep writing, and find a way to get a glimpse into the inner workings of your desired system (i.e. publishing, television, video games, etc.). Internship (though usually unpaid) are a great way to do this. Being a talented writer is just as important as knowing how the nuts and bolts of your field work. Get to know people. Network. Find a workshop, either inside of, or outside of, school. Learn to take criticism, and build a stronger script from it - if 9 people tell you something isn't working, it probably isn't. You're writing for an audience, not yourself. Work on your constructive criticism skills, as well.
Question 4: Will this comic series be a lead up to the highly talked about maybe series, "Metropolis"?

Answer 4: Right now, my focus is on crafting and completing the best year of non-television I can. Regardless of location, the brand is "Smallville."

Question 5: Who will we see return to Smallvile in this comic book series?

Answer 5: Aside from a few surprises, looks for most of our regulars from the last several seasons: Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Oliver Queen, Chloe Sullivan-Queen and Lex Luthor (who returned to the land of the living in the series finale). Maybe even a splash of Emil Hamilton here and there, too.

Question 6: Why is it starting with an online series almost a month ahead of the print edition?

Answer 6: That is a question best life to digital strategizers who exist well above my pay grade. Justice League Beyond, Batman Beyond and Beyond the Fringe seem to be following the same model (as well as Arkham Unleashed... I think).

Question 7: How was it meeting Geoff Johns and having him introduced you to the editors at DC Comics?

 Answer 7: He's a great guy who was very helpful in telling me how to approach starting a relationship with DC.  Wouldn't be doing this if he hadn't given me some advice a few years ago.

Question 8: After meeting the editors, you landed a three-book arc for Teen Titans. How was it writing those?

Answer 8: It was a ton of fun, but also difficult - I had never written for the comic format before. TV has a very strict structure, format and approach (features a little less so). Comic scripting is pretty open for interpretation. It was a team book with a very young voice, which I was more than happy to take a crack at. The script for my first issue (#72) was what got me onto the radar of the Bat desk with a shot to put together a Batgirl pitch for them.

Question 9: How was it working on what people call "The best Superman based TV series"?

Answer 9: Even though it was a "Superman-based" series, we always approached it as a series revolving around our characters and the takes and spins created for the show long before I arrived. Though we would fit in Superman and greater DC references when we could (especially toward the end), we did our best to stay true to the players we already had on the board.

Question 10: What other projects do you have coming up, which you can tell us about?

 Answer 10: There's another 1 or 2 that I don't think anyone will get to see for a little bit, so it's best to not talk about those just yet.

 Jeremy: Again, thank you for your time!

Bryan: Thanks for having me!

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